The Book

The New Haircutting

Shifting The Focus of clipper Haircutting

The purpose of this material is to refresh the educational process of haircutting. What we see and hear is crucial to how we perform the actions needed to achieve the desired end results. 
A problem surfaces when the education is not presented for the use of duplication. Yes, clear duplication is the new emphasis of how to educate haircutting techniques.

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Topics Covered in the Book

Blade Simulation

The First Look At Introducing How To Cut Hair Against the Grain And Use With The Grain Strokes To Smooth the Finish Without Changing The finish or Result.

The Fade Graph

A Magnified Isolation of The Different Sections and Transition Points That Occur During the Process of Fading.

The Fading Process

Here Is The First Standard Operating Procedure, With Detailed Information On The Complete Instructions To Answer The What, When, Why, & How

Clockpoint Template

This Universal Template Holds The Key To The Most Accurate Method of Reading Angles. The Numeric Alignment Of The Clock As We Know It Unlocks The Degree Template And All It's Mystery.

The Discovery of Lining Key Points

The Answer to Side-To-Side Matching With Respect to The Outlining of The Haircut, Which is known As One of The most Challenging Aspects to Finalizing A Particular Style or Look.

Geometric Symmetry

The Angles of Accuracy Supported By The Geometric Foundation of Design. 100% Accurate - 100% Useable - 100% Familiar - 100% Comfortability - 100% Transparent - 100% Ease of Use - 100% Safe

This Book Contains:

  • 326 Pages 
  • Over 84 Diagramed Clockpoint Templates 
  • 138 Head Illustrations
  • 48 Charts & Graphs
  • 51 Profiles of 17 Selected Diagramed Haircuts

The New Haircutting Template

A New Global Learning Language With Angles of Geometric Symmetry Based Around The Numeric Alignment of The Traditional Clock Face

The Clockpoint Advantage

Use Less Strokes, Learn the Result of The Action Before It Has Been Taken,

A Message From The Author

In a few words, Speed and Efficiency has ben the benchmark of our industry for quite some time. Now I present to you a system so precise that it eliminates the guess work, trial  & error approach to learning.  

This Information Will Change How You See Everything

The Clockpoint template will change the way we decode haircutting instructions. The discovery of the new Clockpoint haircutting template provides unmatched clarity and practicality. Numbered positions of the clock have covered geometric angles of instruction for years. The unforgettable numeric design provides the most recognizable template of reference points. Precise locations now expose the secrets of advanced haircutting techniques. This paradigm shift of education will revolutionize the artistic path of tomorrow’s trendsetters. So start your journey to the best cutting-edge system of duplication in the industry.  Once the balance of execution and explanation disappear, we start to fill in our own blanks.

taking chances, using a trial and error approach to reaching the haircutting goal. That’s where it all begins, the start of guessing what to do, or the fear of not knowing what it will look like when it is done. Educators tell us what degree angle to use to perform a cut, yet we get lost when we move to do it ourselves, why is that? We can’t see the degree angle as instructed. To find it becomes frustrating and we become lost and blind to the original instruction. To watch a haircut take place and to perform a haircut is a big difference. As a spectator your viewpoint is very different from the sight of the practitioner. If the best avenue of teaching is to look and learn, then we should have a familiar template to look and learn from.

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