Clockpoint Online Haircutting Education

Clockpoint Online Haircutting Education

The One Format That DECODES All Haircutting Techniques & Actions

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“ I actually understand haircutting now thanks to Clockpoint.
It's amazingly clear & simple! We should've learn haircutting this way. Smh.”

Amanda – Cosmetology Student

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The Best On-Line Digital Haircutting Courses

With the best designed On-Line course content, we are excited to share our library of Men’s, Women’s, & Kid’s Haircutting Courses. Our goal is simple, to teach you to become a master at angle recognition, and with the development of your new prospective, there will be no haircut you cant do. From Clipper Cutting, Shear Cutting, Razors Techniques, Pro Etiquette, and Coaching tips were added to help your brands and businesses. Access Courses anytime, from anywhere. Sign up & Learn the Clockpoint Advantage. 


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Memberships are forming fast, so sign up today and choose from your  Basic | Pro | Premium plans.  Access free micro courses, and other paid content set up to create an environment of visual sticky learning & “Safe -Tips” dripped content to help you raise your skill set and become a cut ahead of your competition.  Monthly & Yearly Payment  Plans Available.     


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The New Haircutting Template

Shifting The Focus Of Clipper Haircutting

With our 1st solid contribution to the educational process of the industry, Clockpoint has caught the eyes of many. The approval  & support is being felt nationwide by some of the industries most noted academic powerhouses. The New Clockpoint Template has revolutionized they way we teach and learn haircutting instruction.  Once you read this book you will never look at haircutting the same again.

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If I told you to forget all about using degree points.   They are confusing and frustrating.  They are inaccurate and imbalanced. Inefficient and not all consistent.     

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