It’s About Legacy

The need to provide the Hair Industry with a solution to a century old problem, has finally been achieved. It took over 30 years of experience and 17 years of focus to bring the goal to life so that other Hair Professionals can benefit from the Global Universal Learning Language of the Clock. This is by far the one contribution that will become the standard of education far after Jay E. Caldwell is gone.

A Few Words About Him

Resilient, Determined, Focused, and Humbled are the few words that best describe the journey of Jay E. Caldwell. He was told it was a stupid concept, and degrees are used because that’s just the way it is. He did not stop there or allow them to provide empty answers of the origin of degrees. Through his own due diligence he found the true usage to the meaning of the word “Degree” as it is written in the Webster’s dictionary, not ever trying to create enemies but unite an industry of professionals who deserve a more clear means to teach what we all so much, haircutting education.

What Makes Him Different?

Communication skills

His ability to use verbiage that magnetizes the room, while also elevating the knowledge base is unmatched. He prides himself on the ability to paint mental pictures with words that make sticky learning a must for his classroom or workshop attendees.


With all the experience, maturity, passion, and leadership he exudes, his commitment to anyone willing to learn is going to be 2nd to none.  His willingness to share his knowledge in different ways for the different learning styles shows the confidence he has in his method.  No man or woman is ever left behind in his classrooms or workshops.

Subject Expertise

He has taken an exhausting amount of time to perfect the Clockpoint Haircutting System and has received overwhelming support and approval of expertise on the subject of haircutting from some of the industries top Academic minds.

Understanding the purpose behind Clockpoint

The current state of the industry from an educational standpoint is not the best. We graduate from hair school, or barber school yet we still need further training before we can be place in the work field and have a high standard skill set to fore fill any clients request for a service. The fault is not on the school or instructor, the problem lies within the the curriculum of instruction. The foundation of education is the degree template, and that is not the best option for the educational learning language. Replacing the degree template with the Clockpoint template eliminates the confusion and translation of instruction from instructor to student.

The simplicity of the clock and the depth of its format holds the key to the future of the hair industry’s educational success. Students utilize the time in school to perfect the skill set they need to deliver great service to clients, and the instructors have a much easier time being more comfortable teaching students whether they are left-handed, or right-handed cutters. School time does not become horrendous to complete, it now becomes creatively fresh and new throughout the entire time they are enrolled. Let’s eliminate the long term learning curve of trial and error, and instruct what we know works consistently with no issues . 

Being A Master Educator Is Who He Is:

In order to a master at anything, one must always be willing to learn and also discover new ways of learning. In order to educate one must be able to be educated by those who are not educators. There is a lesson in everything and everyone. The ability to stay sensitive to information provide an advantage to some how always have your radar on to detect the gem out of the conversation or class you maybe in. 

The position of educator is one of power and influence and should never to taken for granted or used to establish advantage. The goal at the point of an educator is to make certain that the student they are instructing becomes a master at the task they are teaching as quickly as possible. the threat that an educator would not do their very best to teach or train is not even a thought when the desire is to create the next Industry Trendsetter.

The true art of Educating is clearing the canvas of curiosity, doubt & fear, by blending the colors of comfortability, understanding, certainty. Knowledge is the outcome of these actions.

-Jay E.Caldwell

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