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The Ultimate Fast Track To Haircutting Improvement. The Most Revolutionary Teaching Style Introduced To The Hair Industry. The Most Innovative Visual Cues That Eliminate The Guess Work, And The Trial-N-Error Approach. You Will Walk Away With A Confidence To Achieve Any Haircutting Gaol You Seek.

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UNMATCHED CLARITY… Experience The New Normal for Digital Haircutting Language & Instruction. The New ClockPoint Haircutting System Changes Everything We Once Understood.

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Business Builder Program (Individual)

A 52 Lesson Program – Specialized Content Designed To Focus, Educate, & Accelerate Business Productivity & Knowledge Base. Bite-Size Weekly Lesson Deliveries. Small Bite-Size Format of Information. Your Business will Grow, Your Knowledge Will Grow, Topic by Topic, Week By Week.  For The Committed Professional.

Clipper Cutting

SIde Taper Cousre (Micro-Fading)

FOCUSED CONTENT COURSE, Means That The Side Taper Fading Process Will Be The ONLY Subject Matter Discussed. No Lining, No Razor, No Distractions, Just The Side Temple Taper. MICRO-FADING Is The Fastest, Most-Efficient Method To Fading In Small Areas. Learn Specialized Cutting Strokes, When And Where To Use Them. Experience Video Graphics With Motion Animation To Deliver A Clear Concise Visual Course. Learn It Today, Use It Today. Learn Fast Tracked Specialized Knowledge. 


Industry Wellness Course (Stretching)

This course is setup to help all hair industry professionals increase their blood flow, and create a more healthy work experience. We have complied some very useful stretches to help increase flexibility, while reducing the pain of the every day wear and tear put on the body while simple making a living. Neck, Shoulders, Arms, Wrist Fingers, Legs, will all be covered to build on the common knowledge the importance of a discipline workday.

Specialized Content

Clipper Outlining Course (Secrets)

This course will deliver comfortability finalizing and polishing your haircut. Lockdown the knowledge base needed to customize any client and have them walk away feeling their best while accelerating your confidence and success. Learn the use of KeyPoints and bringing balance to the hairline on both sides of the head. The KeyPoint system of lining will bring this evasive skillset to a matter of use at will. Enjoy and share the success of this course.

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