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With our 1st solid contribution to the educational process of the industry, Clockpoint has gained a lot of attention. The approval & support is being felt nationwide by some of the industry’s most noted academic powerhouses. The New Clockpoint Template has revolutionized they way we teach and learn haircutting instruction.  Once you read this book you will never look at haircutting the same again.

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Clockpoint Hair
Clockpoint Hair is in New York, New York.
New York, New York
Leave comments. If there is not enough to to get you going. Idk my people. Then sign up for the course and get all the information and clarity... learn to identify and duplicate EVERYTHING..!!! #share
Clockpoint Hair
Clockpoint Hair
Clockpoint Hair
Ok... Talk to me nice... what do you think...? Only with the grain or against, or both, or what. Share with your barber who you believe will drop the biggest gem 💎 #barber #stylist #ladybarber #wavy #waves #haircut #beastbarber #clockpoint Share & Comment

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Latest Testimonials

“AMAZING!!!! I wish a book like this existed when I got into this Industry. Clockpoint is informative and written so the stylist can really relate to the technique and grasp a clear understanding of the material No Matter what stage

Felicia Burrows
Salon Owner

“A gifted, insightful and engaging instructor, Jay Caldwell has forged a new language paradigm that is transforming  haircutting globally.”  

Brian D. Jacks
CEO WiConnect LLC

“Jay has figured out how to create literature that captures his passion for details and in Clockpoint, Jay has verbalized insightful and detailed guidance for the Perfect Haircutting Method.”

Justin Tuck
Former NFL Star, 2-Time Super Bowl Champion, 2-Time Pro-Bowl & All-Pro Defensive End

“The Clockpoint Template is an exciting & innovative new way to teach, learn, and decipher haircuts and techniques. It creates a better visual way to approach each haircut and style. Clients no longer come into your chair asking for a

Kevin D. Allen (Kariz)
Educator, Master Barber | Active Community Member, Founder of KarizCutz LLC of the Poconos

“An Outstanding Achievement of Instruction, Jay delivers a blueprint for Haircutting that is Duplicable and the average person can master. With a simple shift in perception, this book will change the game.”

Greg Taylor
CEO Team Taylor Real Estate Group

“I’ve had the pleasure of to work with various celebrities such as Nelly, Nas, Q Tip, Shaquille O’Neal, Donnie McClurkin, and Freddie Jackson to name a few. About 15 years ago I went to a Barber Cutting Class at a

Lenny “The Barber” Hansen
Celebrity Barber for Over 20 Years

“Sir Jay has done it. Clockpoint is everything. As far as I can remember, I have dabbled at being a barber. However, my experience has been mostly being a trial by error barber now that I think about it. I

Corey Webster
Proud Barber Dad | 2X Super Bowl Champion with The New York Football Giants


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