Don’t Wait On Em…

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When we sit in the chair on your cell phone on social media distracted from what you should be doing waiting for the client to walk through the door from a scheduled appointment, or without we should always be aware and respect our time as it pertains to what our calculated value is. The time spent in-between clients should not look at as a break. Although the downtime is “break“-ing down our overall per hour average of our monetary value. Looking from an outside perspective a service professional should never be sitting in his or her own seat waiting for any clients. The structure of success speaks to them having a detailed action plan to always be operating on the track of productivity. This we may already know yet we do not execute or travel along this path. Our attitude overpowers the desire to put in the work publicly. Sadly enough we tend to become cool with what we make until we need more, then we internally panic and look for any way to generate a new spark. A plan keeps us from falling out of line. A focused attitude keeps us from changing our plan before we have completed it.

See we all are guilty of trying things to succeed because no one wrote the cheat sheet on how to make it all come together with a no failure rate. They say that every successful person has failed. That’s encouraging, that is what lets me know to keep the actions going. If success is action associated, and when we become action orientated we travel at a faster speed on the road of success and business. Sometimes that new speed is too much for us and we jump off the ride to slow everything back down to a speed we call comfortable and controlled. Fear of the unknown is real, especially when you put on the front as if you know exactly what’s ahead and society watches as you make the wrong option, or make a very obvious mistake in your actions. Learning curves are like knowing exactly where a pothole in the road is, yet when you post its whereabouts some will pay attention to avoid it and others will assume it no longer a threat and have been fixed or was truly never there. 

This is what we go through when someone with more tenure advises us of their experiences and we may just feel as if it won’t happen to us that way and we find ourselves not taking heed to the warning, Please always understand time never stops, forever moving, always changing, but the road doesn’t change, only the people that travel on them. The moral to the confusing blog is to get you to understand that what you see others do may not work for you the same way. We need to benefit from the knowledge of those who are willing to share the honesty of their journey. You will find yourself further down the road than you thought. When you take a little real advice it will return a bigger return than you ever thought possible. Now the better question is where are all these people with experiences that are will to share the honesty of their walk? Just listen closely, don’t watch, the look will fool you and the word will always tell you where someone is coming from and more importantly where they have been. Speak less and listen more intently to the direction of truth, it will speak very softly so listen well my professional, listen well.

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