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The 2 Trees

Digging beyond the normal limits can be scary due to what you may find.  Becoming the explorer or researcher puts a huge demand on you to deliver the truth of what you find.  Whether that be to reveal the findings of success or failure.  After pondering a start point, I drew an analogy. I started with 2 trees for education that had about 100 feet between both of them.  The tree on the left represented cosmetology, and on the right barbering education. I looked at this image for a long time before I noticed that what I was looking for was not in the picture.

I started asking myself better questions. Like, what is so different about them, how are they different? I came to realize that they are the same. I mean no difference at all. But if that’s true, why is there a separate licensing and category for each? One male, one female, one short hair, the other long? It was deeper than that for me. I ran to the anatomy of the head structure, and excluded the sex. Here I found them similar in every way.
I’m not looking at the trees. What I’m looking for is not above the surface, it is deep down at the root of the tree itself. Okay, time to start digging. Let’s start with the cosmetology side first. I was under the impression that this side would be more complicated, but it was not. A lot of twists and turn but yet it could not shake me off the path. I will admit that I’m shocked at what the findings are at the root of the tree. So, before disclosing that I will speak to the tracking of the barber tree and the path of the root.

Similarities of Each


  • Head Structure The Same
  • Haircuts Are Long Lengths
  • Haircuts Are Medium To Short
  • Use Clippers, Shears, & Razors
  • Same Client Requests


  • Female & MaleTechniques The Same
  • Structure Of Styles Are The Same
  • Layers & Over-Direction Used On Both
  • Finishes Distinguish Trend Not Sex
  • Different Verbal Instruction

Find The Root, & You Find The Key

One thing that stood out immediately for me, was the depth of the roots. They matched the depth the cosmetology tree roots. This was most unexpected. The depth confused me, it did not make sense at all. How could barbering go as far as cosmetology, unless… Yes, you got it. They both share the same exact root at the origin of each tree. Right then I knew I was on to something way bigger than me. This was the fuel I needed to serge on and up root both trees so I can look at the roots for all similarities.
The finding of the educational root was one great find. To uncover the fact that they both share the same root was mind-blowing. Then I thought to myself, sure it makes sense now, degree points are the method of instruction of men & women hair. Oh we are getting somewhere fast now. The quest got better, I’m not searching for the language of degrees. I’m going to find the universal language for both men and women’s haircutting.

Language Is The Key To Instruction

If I found the root of education, I knew it would lead me to the key of education. That it did. The clues in the roots of education let me know that language was the key. how is it communicated, and moreover, how is it understood. As I began to wonder what in the world am I about to learn, the coolest feeling came over me. This can help everyone all around the world. That is a big deal. Wow, I’m even more serious now.
I studied the usage of the degree template, and found it to be ineffective. Then why have it sit in the throne of instruction as the foundation of education? I do not know. The template made little sense, and the numbers are in the wrong position points. To discover this made the journey worth it. Now figure to out what the correct position point is. The proper usage of instruction. The best comprehensive language. All must fall under one umbrella.  This find is both revolutionary and monumental. The vails of educational learning curves will forever become transparent, allowing all professionals and students alike to excel in the comprehension of haircutting instruction. 

How Is The Infromation Being Presented

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